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You Are A Great Read Award

The lovely kiwi Curvaceous Dee has been so sweet and kind to bestow upon me the “You Are A Good Read Award.” Thanks honey!

So…this supposedly means I need to put forth 10 things about myself that I do everyday. Voila:

1. Read a book. I read. A LOT. A fuck ton.

2. Eat a piece of chocolate, preferably dark. Or reese’s.  I’m a choco-holic.

3. Take pills. A LOT of them. 3 neurontin, 1 allegra, 1 limbrel, 1 multi-vitamin, 1 B-12 supplement (I’m a vegetarian) a lot of advil. If I get a migraine, add between 2 – 6 midrin, an a butalbibital. If it’s a bad knee pain day, add oxycodone. Other issues require other drugs.

4. Play with/love on/pet our kitties. All three. A lot.

5. Cuddle with Q.  In the morning before work, while reading or watching TV, and at night in bed.

6. Drink tea.  I drink a LOT of tea. I have even more. We’re talking 40+ types. In my home. Yeah. I like tea a bunch.

7. Run around the house in either only my underwear, or completely naked.

8. Watch a crime show. I like Criminal Minds and the original NCIS best, but I’m really not picky.

9. Say something pervy. I mean, look who is talking.

10. Cook. I love cooking. Even if it’s just a portabella quesadilla, or pasta with a homemade sauce, I do love making things.

And now, to pass the award on.  Here are my great reads:

Sinclair Sexsmith – Many years and counting, and still one of the best reads on gender.

AAG – Amazing woman who is an amazing writer who gives amazing advice and has amazing sex.

Evey – She doesn’t post super regularly, but she’ll always be my moose, and is a super fun read.

Jiz Lee – Hot, both physically AND mentally.

Britni the Vag-Wig – Someone who made it onto my radar last summer, and whose depth I really appreciate.

That Toy Chick – Former co-work, friend, and someone on top of the sex toy news network.

Thanks Dee, and thanks everyone for being such great reads!

-Essin’ Em

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