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Reaching a Goal

I just realized, driving into work at Fascinations last week, that I finally have what one might consider to be my dream job.  Or at the very least, I job where I am doing what I love, playing with the web, expressing my passions, and using my expensive graduate degree. I’m using my social media skillz, I’m creating a new sex positive review program where I am in control (no google docs or angry mercurical bosses to yell at me), I’m presenting free and accessible sex education to my community (and the web at large), I’m traveling the country to spread sex positivity, I’m shooting sex positive porn from behind the camera, I’m testing toys and giving out toys to be tested, I’m speaking with buyers about body-friendly products, and oh so much freaking more.

I love my job.

Yes, I hate the 8am bit. I’m not so good with mornings. And while I love traveling, I hate being away from Q and our kitties. Yes, I wish I was paid more. I wish I wasn’t in Arizona (although hopefully this will change in the next year).  But any job has its’ detractions. And overall, this job is absolutely amazing. I have co-workers I love, bosses who actually want to learn and grow and really “get” sex-positivity, queerness, and more. I have supporters who come to every single class I teach.

I am such a lucky person.  And while I’m still thousands upon thousands of dollars in debt, and Q and I sometimes feel like we’re making no head way in clearing up our school, medical, moving and unemployed for almost 2 years debt, I wake up every morning a little grumpy at waking up, but so excited to be going to work, to be creating this community, to be making change.

I have met my goal of making a living as a sex educator. Not on my own, no, but I appreciate Fascinations so much for the support, information and opportunities that they give me. I love that they let me continue to present elsewhere (Our Enigma Sept 23rd and Good Vibes SF Sept 27th and 28th), let me write, let me be who I am without trying to change me.

So my goal now is to continue to be the best sex educator, advocate, activist, writer, blogger, tweeter, etc that I can be. To get my name and my workshop and my company (because it truly feels like I am part of it now) out there. I want to be as big a name as Tristan Taormino, Ducky Doolittle, Megan Andelloux, and more. My biggest goal is to speak at more colleges and universities (as Shanna Katz).  Fascinations has even offered to help with airfare, so if your school is interested in having me talk about sex positive pornography, sexuality, relationships, communication, or more, please contact me over at my Shanna Katz site. I’ve spoken at ASU, U of A, Colorado College, Princeton, Brown, SUNY-Purchase and more. Would love to add more schools to that list.

So I want to thank all of my readers, my followers, and all those who have supported me in my goals over the past 4 years. Please know how much I appreciate you for your awesome-ness and help. You rock my world.

-Essin’ Em

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4 Comments so far

  1. Sabrina Morgan May 30th, 2010 1:26 am

    I’m so, so happy for you, and I hope your happiness and good fortune keep growing until your life is full of them both. *hugs* You rock.

  2. alphafemme May 31st, 2010 5:23 pm

    Yayyyyyyyy! I really, really hope that it’s all upward from here — that you can move back to Denver, get rid of that debt, continue to do what you love, and grow your “brand” name and expand your presence. Your presence is SO NECESSARY.

  3. Gina June 1st, 2010 2:44 am

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Honey, you so deserve it.
    Also, if you’re ever making porn in the same place I am (in the Bay or elsewhere — I travel frequently), I’d love to shoot for any project you’re behind. Just sayin’.

  4. Jessica June 1st, 2010 3:43 pm

    I think it would be amazingly awesome to have you speak at a Holistic Moms meeting. I wonder how I could present that idea to the group. Hmmm ….

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