Almost €27 million for artificial intelligence – Infermedica’s success story.

Almost €27 million for artificial intelligence – Infermedica’s success

A health and digital technology company has just raised over €26.5 million to advance research into the possibilities of artificial intelligence. Infermedica wants to use it to diagnose and segment patient groups. The main supporting partner is One Peak. Next to the technological investor we can see companies: Karma Ventures, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Heal Capital and Inovo Venture Partners.

Now – The health of billions of people hangs in the balance

According to the eu-startups; By the end of this decade, up to 5 billion people may not have access to basic medical care. This is to be the result of provider shortages and health sector burnout. This number seems to be unbelievable, but looking at our Polish backyard, it is already getting uninteresting. – The challenges are many, in particular they include underfunding, lack of staff, ineffective prevention and the need to treat patients according to European and global standards – reads a draft resolution on the current state of health care from representatives of the Senate Health Committee and Legislative Committee. The situation is problematic, a lot of people are already deprived of care and the problem will grow if the pandemic situation does not improve quickly. There is still the question of the aging population, the declining birth rate, the deteriorating psycho-physical condition and the decreasing share of medical personnel in the total population, both in terms of numbers and commitment, which is also a result of inadequate legislation for them.Although in Poland the situation is becoming more and more visible, we are not the only country with similar problems. It turns out that this is a global trend.

Potentially – The health of billions of people will hang in the cloud

It is not surprising that investment companies see huge capital potential in companies that want to address the issue in some constructive way. We believe that modern healthcare means patient-centered healthcare. Together with industry leaders, we are proud to develop smart technology that makes it easier to direct patients to the right care &#8211 can be found at Infermedica seems to be a natural choice due to its leading position in Europe in terms of innovation in the healthcare sector, and artificial intelligence has been a natural ally for doctors for some time now.

– AI helps doctors save lives and health. Today we need to make sure that access to these opportunities is not just reserved for a select few, but becomes universal. The prerequisite for the development of artificial intelligence in the health sector is access to integrated data and the development of qualified personnel. We recognize these challenges and we want our $1 billion investment in the development of the Polish Digital Valley to provide access to the highest quality data processing technologies in Poland and to pave the way for the development of the competencies of doctors and health professionals in the area of new technologies –says Tomasz Jaworski, Director of Public Sector Digital Transformation at Microsoft.

Polish startup and over 120 million PLN?

The impact of the pandemic was, or we should write – still is, diagnosing people with tools that offer a remote process. Although many institutions have attempted to improve the procedure, the most notable breakthrough is to be the funding of the Wrocław-based company to the tune of over EUR 26.5 million. Investors are enthused about artificial intelligence, which is expected to become a milestone in the development of health monitoring and telemedicine.

Infermedica offers a platform based on artificial intelligence that helps companies in the insurance, telemedicine and healthcare systems sectors to improve the efficiency of their facility operations. It is supposed to do this through quick, digital checking of symptoms, generating a scenario of a conversation and classifying a patient into an appropriate category which will help to determine the scope of specialist treatment needed in this case.

As the main goal of its existence, Infermedica wants to help “global healthcare” by supporting and optimizing it with the benefits of technology. One could say that Piotr Orzechowski, the company’s CEO, wants to transform digital healthcare in the world. The medical company asserts that it wants to make doctors and services more accessible, convenient and relatively inexpensive, facilitated by the automation process. Hence, the development of the Medical Guidance Platform program to streamline the decision-making process from symptoms, to diagnosis and treatment, to outcomes.

Medical voice chats

Portal reported on the company’s partnership with, which is equivalent to the development of a voicebot pre-interview. Artificial intelligence will recognize patients by their voice, formulate questions, and interpret patient statements to be able to refer the patient to the right specialist or suggest other actions.

– Integration of the Infermedica diagnostic engine with the Talkie voice allows you to help assess a patient’s health status and refer to the right specialist, while reducing waiting time to contact the clinic. What is important, when talking to a bot, a patient can count on the same accuracy and reliability as when talking to a medical professional. This makes the whole process take less time and cost less effort – says Wojciech Przechodzeń, CTO, (

Global ambition means global reach

– Infermedica’s HIPAA-compliant AI solutions are already available in 30 countries and 19 languages and used by more than 90 healthcare organizations and partners, including Allianz, Microsoft , Sana Kliniken, Optum, Gothaer and Médis – we read on

Already more than 10 million people benefit from the selection offered by the diagnosis from Infermedica just. Now the company plans to develop and further expand its project. Budgets are now accumulating to hand off services to providers, which involves integrating EHRs into the adoption process. All supported by automation of activities that no longer need to be performed by medical staff.

– To date, we have spent more than 60,000 physician hours building one of the world’s most advanced medical knowledge bases of diseases, symptoms and risk factors. We will dedicate new funding to realize our vision of making primary care more efficient and affordable by creating continuously improving artificial intelligence technology for everyone in the world – said Piotr Orzechowski, CEO and co-founder of Infermedica.

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