Amp from Amazon – a gem in the live audio market

Amp from Amazon – a gem on the live audio market?

Amazon reports release of Amp app in beta. As it usually happens, without surprise, the platform is not available in our country. The trial version is available to U.S. residents who use an operating system from Apple. The application is promoted as a place, “which will enable you to create your own live radio show”.

Amp, or amazon radio?

It is announced that thanks to the new child of the Amazon corporation, creators will be able to use the catalog of tens of millions of licensed songs from Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, Beggars Group, Believe, CD Baby and PIAS. and others, whose database is expected to be updated daily with new labels. Amp is supposed to be a platform for creating a modern radio for every creator who wants to talk to people, play their own playlists without any problems, and share their creative potential. Radio that removes any barriers to entry – no extra equipment, track editing or broadcast licensing fees needed here.

Amp is supposed to provide all of these things, and in return it expects creators to keep their communities up-to-date and allow those communities to communicate with each other. – “Radio has always been about music and culture. But imagine inventing the medium today for the first time. You would combine what people love about radio – spontaneous conversation, discovery of new music, diverse personalities and a wide range of programming – with everything that is possible with today’s technology. It will make it so that anyone with a phone, a voice and a love for music can create their own show. And that’s exactly what we do. Amp lets you grab the microphone and start the radio waves. We’re creating a new version of radio that will have infinite programming.” – Amp vice president John Ciancutti said.

Celebrities join Amp!

Amazon also showed off the personalities that will be part of the limited Amp family. In order to attract fans, one of the most recognizable personalities in hip-hop music, Nicki Minaj, was involved in the project. The platform is set to relaunch its previous Queen Radio shows. In addition, programs by Pusha T, Tinashe, Lindsey Stirling , Travis Barker, Lil Yachty, Big Boi, Tefi Pessoa, Nikita Dragun and well-known radio hosts such as Zach Sang, Kat Corbett, Christian James Hand and Guy Raz are scheduled.

A lot of those names, right? – By bringing these amazing personalities into the beta, developers can experience Amp in a way that will provide the feedback we need to build the app together before its public release later this year – says Amp VP.

Amp, or rather AMP – the bomb on the market?

The app could mess up a lot. The creators assure that Amp is completely free. Gives you access to tap into an unimaginable pool of songs and the tools to host real radio shows. Amp is working on discovery and notification features, helping listeners find their favorite shows and informing them of upcoming releases. Hosts of their own shows can let participants on the air, having control over his or her being on the show. Amp can also be integrated with Alexa and social media.

The app appears to be a serious contender in the “audiosocials” market. The app focuses on radio, as it believes that current social apps are not making any use of the possible space for audio shows. Amp’s VP promises that the app will be more widely available, but right now it’s being tested to deliver the best possible and researched functionality. It’s meant to have a simple interface and intuitive-to-use tools that allow you to, for example. to host your own live show, play greatest hits or their remixes, chat with listeners, review media, co-create lists with listeners. – The user experience and interface are truly intuitive: you can go from launching the app to creating a new program in seconds. – provides John. In terms of security, both will be able to report violations to the site’s community from within the app, but a team of moderators is expected to ensure users’ comfort by allowing them to report abuse.The hook? One. Users must have an Amazon account, from which login credentials provide an introduction to Amp.

Why stick to the program when you can change the vibe while you’re live? Add songs to your playlist as you run the airwaves 🎙

– Amp (@OnAmp_) March 29, 2022

Competition, like the lich, does not sleep!

As Protocol journalists note, Bezos’ company is entering the war, but it won’t win customers by waltzing in. Spotify is still working on its Greenroom and The Get Up, Clubhouse which is talked about like a trope has also gathered its audience, and in the background still Twitter with its spaces (Twitter Spaces). Let’s not forget about Apple Music and native web radio. Competition is fierce because everyone recognizes the ease of creating audio, compared to visual content, while maintaining proximity between broadcasters and audiences. Artur Jablonski, when explaining the genesis of the founding of the podcast, even said that this is a kind of intimacy. Companies also see advertiser money going after creators who have communities to interact with. Money for the platform for advertising, the platform makes its advertising tools available to advertisers and content tools available to creators, who are often also happy to be paid to create. This creates a web of connections and skyrocketing profits on the social media platforms we see on Instagram, Tik Tok, Spotify and YouTube.

Will Amazon join this group?

This is very likely, as the platform has a huge amount to fund, invests in the development of its ecosystem, and provides an optimal advertising tool in its own right, thanks to the extensive use of the Alexa system, which is not limited to a voice assistant. We can also find website traffic statistics and other analytical data valuable for businessmen and marketers. Amazon’s commerce is a vast network of data about preferences and behaviors, and its music service Amazon Music is the world’s third largest such service, after Spotify and Apple Music.

So we can see that Amazon has the means to succeed. Currently, the Amp’s focus is on music streaming, but eventually there will be broadcasts of all kinds. Protocol indicates that this may be wise with respect to algorithms, which will find it easier to categorize and recommend particular broadcasts with respect to music. Clubhouse, for example, has a serious problem in this area, not recommending rooms to listeners that are fully compatible with their interests. The vastness of the music and musical tastes can also defend the programs in question, even if the person conducting the broadcast may not be to the listeners’ liking. This sounds like a great business plan, after all, who doesn’t like to listen to the radio sometimes?

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