How much does an SEO audit cost and is this investment worthwhile

How much does a SEO audit cost and is the investment worthwhile??

How much does an SEO audit cost?? What will be the real and visible benefits for your website or online store? Is it really worth investing in a professional and comprehensive website audit to appear higher in Google search? Yes, a website audit will really benefit your business, which will very quickly be noticeable in increased traffic and thus – in higher profits.

The purpose of any SEO audit is to determine what changes a website needs and how it can be optimized to appear as high as possible in Google search results. Some entrepreneurs, who are just starting their adventure with Internet business, neglect this issue. The truth is, however, that most Internet users enter only in TOP3 and that is where your website should be.

What is an SEO audit and what does it involve?

SEO audit is a series of actions aimed at determining the current condition of your website in terms of online visibility. Within the framework of the tool, specialists examine what can be improved on the website, define various technical recommendations and establish a strategy thanks to which you will appear higher in search results for specific phrases related to your business, industry or specialty.

Using help of Zgred you can be sure that your website will soon be visited by dozens of users with a real interest in the sector you represent. Optimizing your website for SEO, experts will take care of its position on the highest displayed places, where most Internet users click.

Comprehensive analysis of the website consists of several extremely important elements, whose improvement is to make your website finally get noticed. The first issue is to take care of the page code, which must be optimized to be friendly for Google algorithms. The second issue is the optimization of the content according to the established key phrases. There are a number of other activities around this, all leading to your success.


On-site actions are taken by experts for all factors on the website itself. These include. website structure, internal linking, content etc.


Off-site are all the factors that affect the visibility of your website but are outside of it. What is at stake here is for example. analysis of the links profile leading to the website.

In addition to the mentioned aspects, SEO audits are also designed to refine the technical part. The method by which the website is indexed and also displayed in the search engine is analyzed. At the end of the audit, you receive a clear report, which clearly shows what needs to be done and for what purpose, and then the specialists move on to perform further actions.

How much does a SEO audit cost??

You already know what is the content of SEO audit, so it’s time to move to specifics, i.e. the price. How much do you have to pay for increasing website position in search engines? What is important here is how much work it will require from specialists. The rates are also influenced by the industry you represent, competition, history of the site or difficulties that may arise during the work.

The cost of SEO audit also depends on the type of website you have. The basic service is min. 1900 PLN net, which also includes basic strategy development. Definitely more expensive may be the work on professional sites, where a detailed analysis of the competition is needed – then the price may exceed even 4900 zł net.

SEO audit, including simple strategies, can cost for different types of sites:

  • small service – from 1900 zł;
  • medium-sized service – from 2300 PLN;
  • online store – from 2900 zł;
  • corporate services – 3900 zł;
  • blogs – from 1500 zł.

Time of realization of the audit – as well as the price – depends on many factors. The shortest actions can take 3-5 days, while more complicated cases take even 2-3 weeks.

What are the results of a SEO audit??

We answered the question of what a seo audit should include and what it costs. So it’s time to focus on the most important issue – what SEO audit will actually bring to your business.

Be higher in the Google search engine. Improve the visibility of your website

By adapting your website to Google’s guidelines, you can be sure that you will improve the visibility of your website. As mentioned above, the link will appear higher in the search results of specific phrases.

Thanks to that, your website will be visited by more people interested in the activities you conduct. More traffic to your website means a greater chance of encouraging users to take advantage of your offer. You will gain new audiences, reach more people with your product or service, and then make them buy. In this way you will increase your profits, strengthen your brand, fight for leadership in the industry and continue to effectively develop your business.

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