How to check your competitors website traffic

How to check your competitors’ website traffic?

We want to have someone submit an article with a link to our domain or we are simply interested in how we compare to our competitors in terms of visits to our site. While in the case of the former you can simply ask, in the case of the latter it may not be so obvious. So how to measure traffic on competitor websites?

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Calculating competitors’ activities can be a turning point in determining the laws that allow it to perform well in the market. We’ve covered the topic of competitor analysis before, but today we’ll look at how to examine the number of visits to channels other than our own. To analyze our marketing channels, it’s worth harnessing Google’s kit, namely Analytics, Tag Manager and Search Console, although it’s not so clear anymore, in light of new European Union regulations and the pending case against Alphabet Inc.

Where to start? From the beginning, the best. In the first step we can determine the position of the page in the organic search results. After entering many combinations of keywords of interest to us, we can analyze the content of the first of the searched. Google is the monopolist on the search engine market and occupies 92% of the market. of this market. According to Google processes more than 3.5 billion searches a day, which is about 40 thousand queries per second. 24 years ago Google recorded four times less queries per day than today per second. So we can see how much information is contained in the search engine itself.

Social Media?

When it comes to checking page views, it is a good idea to start by trusting organic search for social media profiles. As the goyke portal if you do not have a professional search engine SEO, We can estimate traffic by analyzing the number of fans and likes on the company’s Facebook fanpage, the number of views of the video on YouTube or by comments on the company’s blog. It is not always reliable, however, because building your image in social media is not always as extensive as content on portals that may be frequently searched, or the social media strategy itself may not be as focused as in other departments of the company’s operation, which significantly reduces the likelihood of determining a similar number of impressions.

Google Trends?

Google Trends is another option for the curious. Their role is to determine the interest in given topics over time based on searches typed into Google. The application does not provide accurate figures, but it can be helpful in estimating the popularity of competitors’ sites. You can thus compare the traffic of larger websites. You should be careful that the results are displayed for the appropriate data category (search term, website, company, etc.).

If our landing pages are not displayed because a message pops up saying there is not enough data to analyze, then we can try typing in the name of our brand, the products we offer, or the services we provide.

What is worth measuring?

Before we get to the tools themselves, let’s answer the question of what we shouldn’t miss. SEO analysis. The most important thing is to remember about analyzing data in a specific time period if we want the results to be optimal. Indicators worth considering are:

  • Audience size,
  • Number of subpage views,
  • The source of visits to the website,
  • Conversion rate,
  • Number of page impressions,
  • organic keywords, i.e. the ones, after entering of which a user comes across the website

Information obtained according to these indicators is valuable knowledge that allows you to determine the effectiveness of competitors who successfully operate on the Internet. Many times it can also be an inspiration for creating your own strategy.

SEO tools for competitive analysis

The internet offers a number of tools to assist in seo optimization efforts. Most of them guarantee professional analysis of the competition in terms of generated traffic.


Senuto is a Polish specialised SEO tool which you can often hear about during various SEO trainings. Senuto is one of the more widely used tools and can also be helpful in analysing traffic to competitors’ websites. This tool presents the number of keywords on which a given website is visible in Google search. There are lists of TOP3, TOP10 and TOP50. Thanks to aggregated data, the service provides estimates of traffic as well as the number of users who visit a given website.

It is also a place where you can get reports, for example about changes in traffic visibility. The report shows how many users have visited the website depending on the specific time of the year. Senuto also shows reports on keywords which generate the most traffic. In the competition analysis we will find key phrases on which our competition is visible and on which our own domain is not yet positioned. Here we can find an indication of where to compete, but we can also look for other keywords to fill the gap in the search market.


SimilarWeb is a service highly recommended by marketinglink.en. The tool offers a wide range of definable information, and much of it is free.

Of course, for more accurate information you will have to purchase the paid version, but the multitude of analytics served by the portal can be impressive. The following are listed

  • Site ranking compared to sites from around the world, from a particular country and a particular topic/industry category
  • A general overview of site traffic including statistics such as monthly number of visits, user engagement (time on site, number of page views, rejection rate), countries from which most visits come, and traffic sources with percentages
  • A summary of the most important sites directing traffic to the site
  • Information about visibility in free and paid search engine results
  • Data about. traffic coming from social networking sites and use of display advertising campaigns
  • Users’ interests visiting the website and other frequently visited pages
  • List of similar sites to the one under study as well as related mobile applications

Reports can be downloaded in PDF format without prior copying of data to Excel, which may prove to be useful.


SEMRush is one of the most famous tools and probably how search engine users will look for information dot. SEO is one of the first tools to reach us. SEMRush calculates the data it gets directly from Google search results and the traffic that comes from it. The generator estimates not only organic results, but also paid search results, i.e. those coming from advertising campaigns, sponsored links, display ads, etc. SEMRush also allows you to see if your site is in the Google Display Network and compares the number of ads and publishers, promoting landing pages and video ads. Within this solution there are also keyword reports that can increase the number of visits in organic and inorganic Google searches, along with the position of the site that may result from the changes. Meanwhile, the average monthly number of searches by users is also estimated.

It is one of the most accurate and detailed analytical tools for page visibility and keyword determination. Much of the data is also available here free of charge, although access to specialized reports requires the extended version available through purchase of an account.


SEMSTORM is a broadly analytical spectrum of results. The tool offers analysis of a website’s visibility in paid and free Google search results. It also provides keyword analysis. There are TOP50 search results for the given keywords, on the basis of which the number of visits to the given site per month is estimated.We can also find here:

  • Comparison of visibility, traffic and keywords with any website of your choice,
  • List of competitive websites visible in Google results for the keywords,
  • Presentation of the total number of the site’s keywords occupying specific positions in the top50 search results,
  • Finding key phrases with traffic potential (located in positions 11-50 in Google) and long tail phrases, as well as frequently searched,
  • Monitoring the position of the website in Google results.

“Search Engine Marketing Storm” (SEM Storm) is a Polish tool, so it offers a large number of Polish keywords. Marketinglink says there could be as many as 400 million of these words in total, and 20% of this number is scanned each month.

20 million scanned phrases are those words which are responsible for 10 thousand searches per month.It is the largest tool for Polish keywords. You can use SEMSTROM for free, but its full functionality is available only after buying a package. This tool has a large number of followers and the paid version is quite competitive compared to foreign tools. The company is also doing well in terms of marketing (just like all the others in this list), which makes it popular among marketers in Poland.

Don’t forget about proper data interpretation

When analyzing data using the aggregators described above, we should be aware that any data is subject to the risk of error. Well, not every cookie or device is equal to one user, and algorithms can sometimes mess up. It is the safest to analyze website statistics within the same application. Then, when comparing, remember that the statistics should come from the same period. When it comes to value, you cannot focus on absolute numbers that determine the exact number of hits on a page, but rather compare them in relative percentages.

You should not directly compare the results obtained from other tools, because they are characterized by a different methodology of aggregation and interpretation of data, which can significantly distort the final picture of the report. Instead, we can compare ready-made analyses from different sources in order to determine discrepancies in presented estimation characteristics. In the times of digitalization and globalization, market competition on the Internet will intensify every year, hence the need for analytical activities to help us determine the correct path of development or even stay afloat. Analyzing the traffic on the competitors’ websites will allow us to get closer to the competition and have a more optimal approach to online campaigns in the future.

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