How to repair a phone from Apple – the best way to do it yourself!

How to repair a phone from Apple – best to do it yourself!

The company from Cupertino has announced a news that should please every DIY enthusiast. Antiphiles of technical details may feel fear, but do not worry – a new service from Apple is not mandatory for all owners of their equipment. A new flavor is the self repair service for phones!

Apple with a flair!

AASP, or Apple Authorized Service Providers are repair services for owners of m. in. iPhones, where they do not have to worry about their beloved equipment. says there are over 5,000 of them, and independent service providers are listed at almost 3,000. This number seems quite small when we talk about a global brand like Apple, but it is not true. To use a comparative scale, we can quote data from the polskawliczbach, which shows that there are 954 cities in the whole Poland. This means that if we were to set up one location in each city, we could service five countries comparable in size to Poland. Such an assumption would be right, if not for one detail.

As a rule, such repair services are located in larger urban centers, around which smaller towns and agglomerations cluster. Noting that in our country there are 108 places with more than 40 thousand inhabitants, we could risk a statement that a similar number of points would be enough to provide comprehensive service to customers, although of course they would have to commute to them (as it is today anyway). So the number corresponds to – roughly – eight countries approximate to ours! It is impressive, isn’t it??

Fault? Well, it’s online!

Access to stationary repair is not the only buffer of comfort. Although the giant with the logo of the bitten apple took the chargers out of their boxes, but firmly provides users of its equipment access to support through the official website With her help we are able to report defects and get digital advice, we can also have an overview of our products and reported repairs. The website also shows us the nearest Apple-authorized service centers (AASP).

Screenshot showing how to report a defect on from Apple

Apple’s DIY approach

In a recent press release of the company from Cupertino we could just learn what for Apple is voluntariness and trust. Although malicious people might say that they do not even want to repair faulty devices anymore, although this is not true. Self-service is for the willing, after all.

Trust, marketing or smartness?

New service of the Californian company works according to the principle – who will do it better than me? Apple seems to be quite open towards its customers, giving them the possibility to “dig around” in their devices.

As Fredrik Eklund says, you can sell (almost) anything to (almost) anyone!

The Cupertino-based company is a master of the craft. It can sell redesigned products and tell its customers to innovate, at a time when the competition has long overtaken it. It does it so skillfully that we cannot deny it grace and professionalism in this area. Making components and repair tools available is now called a service, which gives it more of a marketing touch. An interesting procedure and probably stimulating the brain to remember it. And although even the most loyal fans of the brand notice its shortcomings, the affection for great components, system integration and long-term updates remains a greater determinant in maintaining brand loyalty than its sometimes extravagant amenities.

What about warranty?

The Californian giant has its flaws and has its advantages on every spectrum of services and products offered, as everything, after all, there are no perfect things! Although the issue of product liability remains interesting. Is Apple calculating enough to introduce a new service? If you use it and it is not repaired correctly or simply not repaired or more damage to the equipment, will Apple wash its warranty hands? A rather irrational statement, as it would mean limiting the work of the repair sector. For the readers, there should be a more interesting thesis – whether and how the semiconductor crisis on the technology market will affect the new service? Speaking of Apple warranties, you can find them at

Staggers and theories – all between fairy tales!

In fact, the issue of a new implementation may be much simpler than we think! Unfortunately, this disproves our conspiracy theories and brand heroism. Vice argues that the current service is the result of lobbying. Apple took a rather sly view of independent repairers and even fought the possibility of repair outside of authorized repair shops. Apple’s announcement is likely a response to pressure from the Right to Repair movement, which has been led by companies like iFixit, independent repair companies and consumer rights activists. The press release assumed a revolution in this matter, so many entities are willing to disagree.

The list of parts and products remains very limited – and while the press release suggests that “more” will be available over time, we all know that good intentions do not pay off – claims

So it seems that the company from Cupertino is reactive and extinguishes expectations in order not to create unnecessary tensions in the environment. We can see that Big Tech is starting to have more and more visible problems, as even states, terrified of the influence of giants and their resources, are wondering how to get to such assets under the guise of new regulations and taking care of our needs.

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