Is SEO difficult

Is SEO difficult?

SEO, broadly defined, often seems like a collection of all sorts of rules and regulations that need to be implemented to improve a website’s visibility. Is this the case in reality? Who can take up positioning activities at all. These are questions increasingly being asked by those looking for ways to increase their brand recognition. Entrepreneurs trying to move their businesses to the Internet are wondering if SEO is difficult? There’s no direct answer to this question, but when you know what results you want and are clear about what you’re trying to achieve, SEO doesn’t have to be hard. The best SEO is certainly demanding and time consuming, but not difficult. From this article you will learn how to approach positioning and what you can gain from it.

Web positioning – what it is?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the scope of activity within the site (on-page) and outside it (off-page). They are intended to adapt a website’s code and content to the requirements of Google’s search engine algorithms, as well as build its “power” by acquiring links in valuable sites, forums and site aggregators. Although on the surface it sounds a bit enigmatic, and the mere information about the need to enter the structure of the portal code will arouse reluctance in many people, SEO does not require computer skills or months of training. Despite appearances, all you need to do is learn to think in a specific way, learn the requirements of the algorithms and adjust your site to them, which is not difficult, even if you have never dealt with similar activities before.

How to prepare for this?

Search engine positioning – a bit of theory

If you wonder whether promoting your site is within your capabilities, the first thing you should do is to read a few articles on what to do and how to do it at the very beginning. Fortunately, you can find many valuable tutorials on this topic in online sources – both in text versions and in the form of videos. Equally importantly, Google itself takes care to introduce new SEO enthusiasts to the subject. Of course, not all information about ranking factors is available (over 200 are currently known, but there are certainly criteria that SEO specialists are not aware of). It is known About the fact that in the process of evaluating the value of the site, the algorithms pay attention to:

  • page title and meta description – This data can be accessed by a user using a search engine from the search results page (called SERPs – Search Engine Results Page), which is important because it allows the Internet user to assess whether the content of the site he or she intends to visit meets his or her expectations;
  • headings A user who finds his way to your website should immediately know how to navigate within it – know which information is the most important and which is less important. The right structure of headings plays a key role here, which is also important for indexing robots;
  • friendly URL addresses – an aware internet user will quickly associate an unfriendly URL (i.e. one that consists of random symbols, letters of various sizes and characters) with a dangerous connection and a potential virus threat – and these are not associations you want to evoke with your website. A simple change of address to one that reveals its content will pay off in no time;

These are of course only simple examples, by no means exhaustive, but they demonstrate what kind of code changes a SEO has to deal with most often when it comes to organic SEO. These are not activities that require a huge amount of research or consultation with programmers. You can do it yourself with the help of readable tutorials.

Effective positioning in Google – content

The situation is more complex in the case of content. The content present on the page, both text and images are also put certain requirements. The first important information is that you need to populate your site with high quality descriptions and text. There is a specific way of creating them, so you should also get acquainted with it. The problem, however, is that content efforts are time-consuming. Especially that in many cases it is worthwhile to create a company blog, where you will periodically publish thematic articles on important issues in your industry – which effectively makes it difficult to manage time.

This way, you will not only strengthen the power of your website in a relatively short period of time, but you will also make the users who are really interested in the area of your activity start coming back to your blog tab with curiosity and stay there for a longer time (and the time spent on the page is also a ranking factor). Each such entry should be accompanied by an appropriately described image relating to the topic of the article. Running a blog requires strategy and planning. It is not recommended to choose topics randomly. Another important element of content creation is the use of keywords, i.e. phrases typed by internet users into the text field of a search engine. Using the right words will certainly increase the visibility of the site, but to do this you will need a prior analysis. Phrase positioning, i.e. positioning of services or products, therefore requires competitive analysis and the use of several positioning tools. At this stage, you can already see that SEO can be really engaging.

Search Engine Positioning – linkbuilding

A similar amount of work will be needed to acquire links. There are many valuable forums and classifieds sites on the Internet where you can post a comment with a link to your site for free or for a small fee. However, in order for these actions to actually translate into increased visibility of your website, you should acquire at least a dozen or so links every month. This takes time, which is always in short supply when running your own company. And here comes a fundamental question, whether it is worth at all to take up this kind of activities on your own, or whether the website promotion in Google should be done a little differently?

Website positioning – cooperation with SEO company

Even if you know the basics of SEO yourself, it is much better to simply cooperate with a marketing agency and advertise your company on the Internet. Primarily because it is a huge time saver. Especially for small businesses or those that have just entered the market. The counter-argument can be financial. The problem is effective SEO can tip the scales to your side. Just a few weeks of initial action is able to actually contribute to improving the position of phrases on your site.

SEO agency for which Customer’s satisfaction and high positions of their website are an absolute priority is a Poznan-based company SEMPIRE. Professional and comprehensive service combined with an individual approach is able to produce remarkable results in a relatively short period of time. The bid for SEO with SEMPIRE looks like this:

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