Public campaign to defend the interests of advertising #NOEASYWINS.

Social campaign defending the interests of advertising? – #NOEASYWINS

IAB Europe in opposition to the new law originating in Brussels starts a new social campaign. #NoEasyWins is a venture to encourage European moguls to do nothing about restrictions on targeted ads.

The association of marketing, media and technology entities decided not to sit idly by and launched the first cannons of persuasion towards MEPs. One might wonder about the sense of such action. Well, “some” association is trying to fight against the decisions of the great political machine.

Let’s remember that IAB is not some small and unknown organization. IAB Europe brings together the largest and most successful companies and media houses in their respective fields from across Europe. It’s not new that the media and technology sectors are also profitable, so they certainly have the means to defend their interests.

Making the internet a place where European consumers can move without fear is a key objective of the Digital Services Act (DSA), which the online advertising industry supports, not least in its own interests. We fully support the provisions in the original DSA proposal, such as mandatory disclosure of advertiser identity information, including for broadcast and political ads, which goes beyond the privacy and data protection provisions already set out in EU law. – comments Townsend Feehan, CEO IAB Europe.

– A ban on “targeted” advertising would punish SMEs and small publishers, without necessarily having any significant impact on online disinformation. As often in politics, there are no easy wins. We hope that our campaign will encourage MEPs not to introduce more legislation and instead make existing laws more effectively enforced – he adds emphatically.

#NoEasyWins – no easy wins

As you can see on the attached picture, the IAB is not going to give up victory by default. He opted for a campaign to raise awareness of the useful features of the targeting function of his ads. In the face of this information, they stand for e.g. such as emphasize that targeting is key to increasing advertising revenue. It is especially important for small and medium enterprises, whose existence and development depends on maximizing profits and minimizing risks. The campaign also highlights the negative consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak and that most European companies have had to move to a digital business model. The actions of MEPs may significantly affect the already uninteresting situation dictated by external conditions, and now even by politicians.

Or maybe Easy Wins?

Unfortunately, with regret and sadness in the heart, but we have to admit that lately politicians do not count with the opinion of citizens. It turns out that the sovereign who gave them power has no more to say than party games and interests of individual politicians. On the Polish political scene, this was particularly evident during the Women’s Strike. In France, the yellow vest movement also had little to say, as did the people of Belarus in the face of the presidential election. The game of politics is becoming increasingly hardened and takes less and less account of data or deliberately works to divide and destabilise particular sectors and social groups.

Can the actions of IAB Europe bring any result?

It’s possible, though less and less likely in the present. Given that earlier this year, in an open letter, the internet industry expressed strong opposition to the ban on targeted ads, calling on the EU to focus on effective enforcement of existing EU dot. Data protection, which has been left without much of an answer. The introduction of new regulations, despite clear opposition, also took place without any damage to the political conscience of Brussels.

It was also noticed by entrepreneurs, who changed their rhetoric, agreeing with the idea of new regulations, but showing their disapproval of their shape and way of enforcement. These activities are also hoped to result in the non-implementation of further advertising restrictions. The message focuses on the utility value of targeting, which may appeal to politicians, though this is doubtful. In order to achieve something the European IAB has to make a lot of effort or take out a powerful ace from its entrepreneurial sleeve. Mobile Trends editors are convinced that so many smart heads united inside an organization are capable of bringing out even heavier guns.

Where we see an opportunity for advertising?

Targeted ads are a very valuable tool in building profits for any company operating online. This applies to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, big moguls, fledgling startups, small publishers, and even non-profit organizations, even NGOs.

In relation to the latter, you can see the action of advertising, not only profit-oriented, but help and support for people that states are unable to help. The irony is it works against them. And while people tend to feel little sympathy for the companies themselves, as they associate them mainly with profit, this may be where the black horse of political chess lies.

Foundations and associations enjoy great reputation and recognition in various fields of public opinion. The proposed ban would not only take away the ability to make money from those seeking customers, but would also limit the ability to reach people seeking concrete aid solutions.

In addition, Tamara Daltroff, Director General of the European Association of Communication Agencies, highlights that targeted advertising plays a key role in funding a free and pluralistic internet, which in turn provides access to information and the digital economy for all.

Emphasizing all these aspects and involving foundations and associations in the action could bring the expected results. What does the future hold and will IAB Europe use these tactics, or perhaps come up with something particularly brilliant? We will see soon.

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