Social Media takes over in 2022 Social Trends 2022.

In 2022, social media will take over in marketing? – Social Trends 2022

Hootsuite says social media will strengthen its position in the marketing tandem. Data shows that they are creating more and more engagement groups that can be tapped into through appropriately crafted advertising materials. As a result, SM Managers may grow to become the most important marketing people in 2022, given that e-commerce is tilting toward social commerce. This one could prove to be a savior for customer service in tough market times.

As every year, the Hootsuite platform has prepared a report on Social Media, or Social Trends. Social Trends 2022 Report was based on surveys of more than 18,000. actors who have to do with marketing. The company has undertaken research, interviewed industry experts, spoken to customers and sought the opinions of strategic market partners. All of these activities came together in a summary, which are the five major trends in social media. These, in a way that is sensitive to other marketing sectors, continue to grow in importance, though the very notion of them is being transformed.

Social is about engagement

Analysts have noted that social networks have never been as developed and engaging as they are today. All because of the increasing range of apps available and creators who are attracting interest with their interests. ‘Gamers are playing Twitch’. Readers read on Goodreads. Cyclists Ride the Peloton. Our digital communities have never been richer, more vibrant and more influential to our daily experience of life than they are now.” – we read in the report. Also cited is a Facebook and NYU Governance Lab study that found 77 percent of. respondents indicated that the most important group they belong to is online. So as we can see, social media has evolved to the point where it satisfies one of the most important human needs – belonging to a group, which, according to Maslow, ranks third on the podium of most important human needs necessary for a balanced life. More importantly, digital experiences are often more important and memorable than real-life ones, as a Squarespace study showed. More than 1 billion Facebook users regularly engage in groups, similarly on Tik Tok, where people share their interests – no matter how obscure. Twitter wants to go in a similar direction, having begun testing a feature designed to create a dedicated place to connect communities.

This is the aftermath of the creation of tools that most social media apps refer to as creators as they relate to creators. It is personalities that are interesting, charismatic or controversial that capture the attention of audiences. Brands can take advantage of emerging communities because they have a ready-made set of audience characteristics that, if matched with those of the target audience, can spread product information further. Communities are an opportunity especially for smaller or emerging brands, which, if they find the right audience, can quickly gain a loyal group of supporters, especially when it comes to cooperation with an influencer known in the community. Hootsuite details that partnerships with smaller opinion leaders are more authentic and clear, and therefore more effective for branding efforts.

Brands should focus on social listening and supporting creators and engaging with communities to achieve image benefits that sustain both interest and sales posts.

Social is advertising

According to an annual survey Gartner CMO Spend Survey social media spending was the lowest ever, compared to revenue generated, but this year more than 51.4 percent of marketers plan to increase spending on paid social media ads. In 2020, marketers were targeting Instagram, but now in addition to increased spending on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, statistics show that it’s worth the interest TikTok, Pinterest or even Snapchat. Advertising strategy should find stakeholders across platforms to build awareness and demand for products, at every step of the social adventure. TikTok’s effectiveness has increased from 3 percentage points. last year up 24 pp. this year, which is an increase of 700 percent. y/y. And Snapchat is up 1 percentage point. by 13pp., which is an increase of 1200 percent. y/y.

He posits two reasons for this state of affairs:

  1. Over-saturation of ad content and image communication on larger platforms
  2. Specificity overlaying audience alignment promotes positive branding in the eyes of community participants.

TikTok supports the slogan „Don’t make ads. Do the Tic-Tacs.” Pinterest calls advertisers to action with a slogan „Don’t interrupt the audience, start inspiring”. And Snapchat, in turn, is driving brands to „Becoming part of Snapchatters&#8221 daily conversations;. Brands that successfully advertise on these networks understand that the audience is decisive there and you need to adapt with the message to their mentality, not the other way around. And while the general acceptance of advertising continues to grow year after year, no one wants to have their experience interrupted by boring, automated and mismatched ads.

Social to commerce

According to McKinsey, in the U.S., there was more growth in digital purchases in the first three months of the pandemic than in the last 10 years. More importantly, the data doesn’t indicate that this trend is slowing down much, indicating that the trend will be entrenched even in the post-pandemic era. eMarketer predicts that double-digit annual growth will drive e-commerce sales from $792 million in 2020 to $1.6 billion in 2025. With an increasing role to be played by social commerce. Leading the way is China, where for the first time ever, more than 50 percent of. retail sales came from digital commerce this year, compared to 44.8 percent of. over last year. Social commerce in e-commerce , by the end of this year, will account for less than 36 percent there. and is projected by eMarketer to be worth $360 billion.

Research shows that from the customers’ point of view, social media are the second most important channel of brand awareness, after search engines. Shoppers use social media to find, research and evaluate the brands they buy from, making it an essential part of the pre-sales, sales and post-sales service, bringing together all elements of the customer journey and brand touchpoints.

Social is customer service

The last two years have left people lethargic, weary, anxious and frustrated. Many try to deal with these conditions by spending money and spending more and more time online. Restrictions in the functioning of the economy, the inability to serve all customers and organizational difficulties in companies have brought to social media managers a real pandemonium of requests to solve customer problems.

Consumers, fed up with waiting for a consultant to call or an email response, have discovered that service delivered via social media is immediate, convenient and effective. In a Nielsen study commissioned by Facebook, 64% of people said they now prefer to use a social media handle panel rather than call a company.

This is noticed by social providers themselves, who are developing tools for business, such as WhatsApp.

We are also in the midst of delivery issues, through ship flow problems and access to containers or semiconductors, which will affect the apocalypse of consumer growth issues.Hootsuite predicts that this situation will be defused by social media.

Social is an increasingly reliable investment

Business was forced to trust social media more last year than ever before. To keep up with customers, manage service requests, sales,

and in order to find out what business leaders really want, brands have had to shift more activity to social media, which has proven to be very telling in its effects. The psychological aspect of mastering the space, as well as getting to know the environment in depth, allowed them to feel much more comfortable in terms of measuring the impact of social on the companies bottom line. According to the report, 83 percent. Marketers are confident in their ability to estimate the ROI of this channel, an increase of 15 percentage points. on an annual basis.

Marketers’ confidence increased after marketing attribution tools improved. More than half of respondents say their SM advertising strategy is fully integrated with other marketing efforts. It follows that marketers are recognizing the need to combine different marketing channels to increase awareness and help remember the brand. Social media sites also help get customer information. Nearly half of those surveyed strongly agree that social listening has increased value for their organization. Which means marketers are using social media to gauge awareness of their products, but they’re also gauging the needs of their current and future customers themselves so they can respond. The best conversions can be achieved by combining organic traffic with paid search traffic, which 65 percent agreed with. professionals who have fully integrated their paid and organic social media efforts. It serves both to attract new customers and to build bonds between new and older customers both between the brand and each other. It follows that social media will play an increasingly important role in all sales and customer service.

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