What an SEO audit should contain Increase online visibility.

What a SEO audit should include? Increase your online visibility

Nowadays online visibility is very important for companies. If our company is high in the Google search results, our chances of attracting new customers increase significantly. You will repeatedly come across keywords such as free website audit, internal linking, keyword analysis, Google Search Console. What it all comes down to?

Free SEO audit of our company website will give us measurable benefits. It will allow us to present the flaws of our website, which are decreasing the visibility of the website in the network or decreasing the loading speed of the website.

What is a SEO audit?

Web page audit in case of both online stores and blogs are aspects that can help us. Thanks to the results that SEO audits will present, it will be possible to improve the positioning of pages.

Companies that can perform SEO audit use modern analytical tools that simulate the work of indexing robots. These tools analyze the keywords found in the content of the homepage, posts, and subpages. The structure of the website or online store is also analysed. A site map is used for such an analysis.

Google search visibility analysis

Deciding on conducting SEO audit we have to know what is included in it and how much does SEO audit cost. We can also opt for a free SEO audit, but it will not necessarily be a comprehensive audit that will give meaningful results. So what works for SEO audit? Here are the most important issues to be analyzed:

  • domain history, server logs;
  • visibility of the website;
  • Key phrases, url addresses;
  • competitive analysis;
  • analysis of the content on the website in terms of visibility;
  • seo optimization of content on the main page and subpages;
  • Meta Description and Title Descripion analysis;

Off-page analysis – this is what a free SEO audit will not give you

Before the auditors analyze the keywords, external factors that may affect the optimization are taken into account. Analysis of such factors is called off-page analysis. In fact, it is difficult to say how many aspects of a web page are analyzed by the Google robot. The most important points considered in such analysis are:

  • linkbuilding;
  • analysis against competition;
  • business card in Google Moja Firma;
  • Guest Blogging;
  • redirects from social networking websites.

On-page factors – The most important aspects during SEO audits

In the process of positioning the most important issues are those related to the content on the page. In particular the keyword plays a very important role here. It is the basis on which content is filtered for potential customers. On-page factors, which are also known as on-side factors are issues that focus primarily on:

  • content construction;
  • ALT parameters for images and graphics;
  • SEO hierarchy and structure;
  • checking key phrases.

One of the very important factors which are taken into consideration by search engine robots is internal linking. What it means?

This type of linking consists of placing key or side phrases, which are additionally linked. However, the links should not go beyond the subpages on the website.

A detailed analysis of the website structure

In order to optimize your website it is necessary to analyze its structure. If website optimization is important to you, it is worth ordering a seo audit from the Zgred agency.pl By applying SEO specialists from this company we can quickly notice an increase in traffic on the website. However, the audit itself is not everything. After conducting a comprehensive audit we will know what needs to be improved.

Company Zgred.pl has experienced staff that will conduct a detailed analysis of the content and structure of the page. Instead of opting for a free SEO audit, it is better to choose proven professionals who are familiar with SEO audits and SEO services.

It is also worth knowing about the fact that there is also such a concept as local positioning in Google. This service is recommended for entrepreneurs, whose main target is a clientele located in a nearby area. Such positioning relies heavily on geolocation.

What an SEO audit report should contain?

Now that we know how an SEO audit should look like, it is time to describe what comes at the end. The result after the audit is always a very detailed audit report. If you opt for a free audit then unfortunately you should not expect spectacular results. You can count on such definitely in case of outsourcing the audit to specialists who are well acquainted with it. An example of a company which is definitely worth ordering a detailed audit is Zgred.en.

Professional approach is what distinguishes the above mentioned company. When we’re done analyzing the content and structure of our website, we’ll get a detailed report in the form of a PDF file. It will give you the most important guidelines on what you need to improve on your website in order to attract customers and position your website in Google.

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