What’s new in mobile – a set of conferences until the end of 2021.

What’s going on in mobile – a set of conferences until the end of 2021

If we want to stay active in the industry we should go to an event once in a while, which will allow us to gain new skills, consolidate our knowledge, or meet new personalities from the business world. Especially for this purpose we prepared a list of upcoming conferences.

Following the Marketerplus website.pl participation in a conference gives us a lot of opportunities. During these events we have the opportunity to learn about original, fresh concepts and innovative solutions to industry problems. The marketer also admonishes that even a person or a company who is not yet among the top leaders in their field can become one by participating in such events. At such large events we can learn about the activities of our competitors, see exactly who they are and what they represent. We will also learn how professionals communicate and have a reference for our future goals and objectives, which can boost our vision and ambition.

Marketing conferences

One of the most anticipated events in the world of marketing is behind us conference I <3 Marketing! It will be held from September 21-24, 2021. This was the twelfth edition of the conference, this time stationary – traditionally in Multikino Złote Tarasy in Warsaw. The event had a refreshed formula, in which every day we could see 10 speakers, and their speeches were interspersed with panel discussions on presentations.

Networking October in Pomerania

On 14-15 October this year, a two-day event for marketers and start-ups will take place in Gdańsk, namely Infoshare. It is a well-known event because of the international range of guests, and this year will include keynote speaker Craig Spence from Spotify or Janina Bak, author of the book, “The Voice of the Voice”. “Statistically speaking. How much chocolate do you have to eat to win a Nobel Prize?”, which sells a hundred thousand copies a year. Infoshare is addressed mainly to the world of IT, application and software developers, startup founders, investors, corporations and marketers. The conference covers the topics of technology, business trends and innovations in marketing. The event will also take place online, and tickets are available here.

Content Marketing and webwriting – how to build a strategy and execute content marketing activities

The event will take place online, October 29 on the MMCPolska web platform. It will cover topics such as content marketing strategy, typology of content depending on the purpose – from branding to sales, content distribution, e-mail marketing, neuromarketing, editing and the principles of building a message on the Internet. The training is designed for everyone content marketers, and, in particular, digital marketers, leechers and e-marketing specialists.

Social Media Week Warsaw #2021

Social Media Week is an event, or rather a whole series of them, which is organized every year in 23 cities, from Kiev to Milan to New York. In Warsaw, on 23 November, we will be able to listen to the use of artificial intelligence and its consequences for the future world of social media. It is not yet known who will be the speaker, but we can count on the conference to be held with a bang. Last year’s guests included experts from the BBC, Adidas and Google, and SMW is certainly one of the most international events in the industry. Ticket prices start from 990 PLN in STANDARD version to 2970 PLN in group version.

User Experience Conferences

Allegro Tech Meeting 2021

The conference from Allegro, which will start already Today from 17:00, and it runs until tomorrow (29.09-30.09). This is a free web conference and the venue is your computer and the device of any avid UXer. The themes of the meeting will be related to programming, agile project management methodologies, Big Data , artificial intelligence and team management in general.

Mobiconf 2021

Conference devoted to the broadly understood development and expansion of the mobile market. Focuses mainly on User Experience and User Interface design solutions. It is also called the integration event of the Cracovian web developers’ branch. The conference is mainly attended by professionals designing interfaces and user experience. It has a specialist character. It usually takes place over two days in the capital city of Małopolska, but this year it will be held online. It will explore three tracks: iOS, Android and Everything Mobile. Starts from 7th October! The cost of registration for the event is from 140.34 zł to 447 zł.38 zł!

I design 2021

On October 13, another fan meeting of I Design will take place. I Design aims to provide marketing and UX enthusiasts with technical knowledge from professionals that will provide them with new opportunities. According to the organizers, thanks to well-chosen speakers and efforts to provide workshops, they create a place for exchanging experiences, allowing to develop the creativity of the members of the event. One of the speakers is Franciszek Georgiew – Founder and CEO of digital marketing agency Tigers. Strategist with 10 years of experience in campaigns for hundreds of companies.

The most important thing is that they do it for charity and every year they support a different organization, this year it is a foundation „To the Rescue of Children with Cancer”.

And it’s all for charity, raising all the money raised for good causes.

Cybersecurity and Cloud Conferences

Oh My H@ck 2021

On 26th of November to 27th of November in Warsaw will be held conference about cyber security and how to prevent undesirable situations. Tickets from PLN 150 for students to PLN 450 for II Round + Gift Pack.

Pytech Summit 2021

The event which is the largest such event in Poland dedicated to for Python developers. It is ideal for all enthusiasts with intermediate to advanced knowledge of this programming. The lectures that are conducted there are the domain of the most important figures of the Polish “python” market and the representatives of the best companies using Python in Poland. The rank of the event is also raised by virtual fairs, where only recognized and innovative IT companies will present themselves. Pytech Summit 2021 will be held online on December 9, and you can book your free tickets here.

2022 on the horizon

So far, these are all the conferences for the rest of this year, but we know the launches of some events for 2022!

It is worth getting acquainted with Soap! 2022, which will take place in June. Soap 22 The Best Conference is a cyberpunk-themed event for true social media fanatics, not at all out of touch with reality. In addition to the “soap” conference it is also worth going to the already cult event for the IT industry – InternetBeta2022, which we will be able to go to September 14-16, 2022 in Kielnarowa.

Mobile Trends Conference 2022

Unfortunately, not this year (this year’s event already took place in March), but next year we invite you to our special event in the mobile industry, Mobile Trends Conference 2022. There will be no shortage of interesting speakers and attractions, but we will keep you informed about all these issues.

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