Why you should be interested in mobile e-commerce

Why you should be interested in mobile e-commerce?

Most of the people reading this will be viewing it on their little command center. Of course, we are talking about the smartphone, which is an indispensable part of our lives – an extension of our body, our will and also our business! More and more data proves that it’s not only worth optimizing your e-commerce for cell phones, but it’s a dogma of the new media.

According to Gemius/PBI in April 2019, the number of internet users in Poland was 28.2 million people. According to the survey, 23.7 million people were using PCs and laptops, and 24.2 million were using mobile devices. Conversions made with mobile devices were 61 percent at the time. for a smartphone and 27 percent. for tablet.

Already data from two years ago sounded optimistic for m-commerce, however, it is worth taking into account more recent information, which is even more encouraging.

Year after year, the position of mobile is getting stronger. Although they are still not inferior to laptops when it comes to web usage, Rzeczpospolita’s article showed what the biggest Polish e-commerce players think about it. The number of users buying via mobile on Allegro increased in 2020, compared to 2019 by 31 percent. On Empik websites, since the outbreak of the pandemic, the traffic from mobile devices amounted to 60. The LPP company even started to follow the rule mobile first, seeing that more than half of their earnings are generated via smartphones. Merlin platform’s mobile channel grew by 3 percent in 2020. to 37 percent, compared to 34 percent. in 2019.

Specialists have also started to notice the phenomenon omnichannel and the interpenetration of channels on the path of the customer journey. – We see that the customer often starts the purchase in one place, e.g. The number of unique users of mobile devices increased by less than 2%. in a stationary store. Certainly, most customers look for inspiration, view products online, and a large part of them ultimately make purchases online – said Daria Sulgostowska – This is an ever-growing trend, and the situation with Covid-19 has further stimulated this growth. According to our analysis, in April users were even more eager to visit our applications than in previous months – CCC spokesperson added. (Rzeczpospolita)

From the report “E-Commerce in Poland. Gemius for e-Commerce Poland” we can discover that 73 percent of online purchases have already been made. Polish internet users, where 32% of. of this group are people aged 35-49 years. The next in line were – seniors, or people over 50. More than 28 percent. The majority of our buyers are from the silver generation, i.e. people between 50.ż., and 55 r.ż. This fact caused quite a stir among marketers, who realized that they had underestimated the seriousness of baby boomers’ shopping opportunities.

Digital commerce is on the rise!

Speaking of underestimated target group – MobileTrends website.en cites Hootsuite report data, which show seniors as the most rapidly growing segment of internet users.

Hootsuite’s Digital 2021 Report points out that currently 5.22 billion people already use a cell phone, and this is 67 percent of. of the entire world population. The number of unique mobile users increased by less than 2%. (93 million) as of January 2020. Total mobile connections then increased – by 72 million – to 8.02 billion in the same period of 2021.

Why you should implement “m tactics” in your e-commerce?

Redesigning your online store for mobile devices will lead to more conversions, more customers visiting your site, and therefore more sales and higher profits. What is important, and perhaps most importantly, it will increase consumer satisfaction, who will not have to go through the tedious process of shopping or switch to other devices during it. It will influence the loyalty and recommendation of a store’s offer. Mobile is also about innovations, i.e. possible means of promotion, e.g. by push marketing, which implementation on other devices may be limited or impossible. All these factors will affect the brand image – positive brand image. Mobile Commerce is the future of every online store!

What mobile developers can focus on when designing a mobile store? – UX is rushing towards development!

Smartbees.pl tells us to focus on the menu, so that it is optimized for the screens of small devices and that the interaction is comfortable for users of phones and tablets. Do not forget about the buttons, the appropriate use of space – which on a phone is much less than on a computer, as well as the appropriate presentation of products and convenient filtering.

The most interesting seems to be the implementation of gesture support to your online store and the most streamlined processes of finalizing a purchase. Do not forget about the clarity and security that the user must feel when using the platform.

The popularity of remote usability testing has grown recently. This fact, combined with the increased importance of research and analytics in organizations’ UX departments, has made it ecom.house.pl is able to give us an idea of what trends will intensify in the mobile shopping market.

More and more stores will offer the possibility to see their products on models, thanks to using 360° pictures, as well as changes in the context of product presentation – from white and grey walls to real scenery. It will also grow the contribution of augmented reality, which can be used to try on clothes or try the color of a new lipstick on your lips. There is also a lot to look forward to to search for products with images directly from the search engine, a dark mode will become part of most websites and web applications.

Mobile Trends Conference 2022

You will be able to learn about the issues concerning the development of technology in the context of business issues and e-commerce at the upcoming Mobile Trends conference in Krakow on 17-18 March 2022. The speakers will be m.in. Artur Kurasiński, Artur Jabłoński, Piotr Kowalski, Krzysztof Wojewodzic, Michał Szklarski. This will be the 11th edition of this well-known event in the IT world, where we will learn how to design, create, implement and promote applications and solutions dedicated to them.

The participants will be able to attend not only the lectures but also a great networking event. Mobile Trends Conference is an opportunity to talk live with experts and specialists in mobile market trends.

The organizers also did not forget about the safety of the audience and sanitary recommendations, so all unvaccinated people are guaranteed to take a test before entering the event!

The Mobile Trends event will also include the prestigious Mobile Trends Awards gala.

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