Will this be the year of smart glasses

Will this be the year of smart glasses?

2022 promises to be a year full of tech launches. New smart glasses from Apple, eyePhone, could revolutionize the market and replace smartphones. Like? For example, thanks to the audio function, which will allow you to conduct conversations or conferences in a much easier way.

The revolution of augmented reality (AR) glasses has been talked about for a long time. This year, the market is expected to be conquered by the eyePhone, Apple’s product to move the iPhone from our hands to our eyes. The problem is that similarly announced equipment from Microsoft, Facebook or Snapchat.

Eventually it has to work?

So far, from the point of view of the mass customer, the launches of successive glasses, which were supposed to connect our smartphone, with what we see in person, turned out to be a flop. And yet, companies like Apple, Facebook, and Qualcomm are steadily investing in AR and VR technology.

Analysts also predict growth and an increasing share of “smart glasses” in the field of electronic accessories. According to Technavio experts, the global market for smart glasses in 2021-2025 will grow at a rate of 15% per year. How to explain it?

– Most technologies were initially used by business or the military for many years before coming into widespread use. The best example of this is the Internet itself, after all, initially it was just a military technology. Today, smart glasses are increasingly used in factories, in medicine, in training or in remote business meetings. Such solutions become popular among consumers if they meet at least two conditions. First of all, they will be relatively cheap. Secondly, if they are comfortable to use. That is why in the near future in the case of “smart glasses” market the key trends will be miniaturization and lowering of production costs – explains Wojciech Kyciak, the chairman of Bezokularow company.pl S.A., one of whose brands is wOkularach.pl – authorized online glasses retailer using new technologies that allow you to try on frames and check their fit to the face using a camera and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Not only the image

Smart glasses generally talk about superimposing a digital image or holograms on what we see. This is how Google Glass or Microsoft HoloLens used in the military and industry work. However, augmented reality, which may be offered by “smart glasses” is not only image, but also sound.
In the era of remote working and constant online meetings, the so-called “smart glasses” have started to gain popularity. audio glasses. These are smart glasses, using speakers, microphones, voice assistants and bluetooth connectivity hidden in the frames.
-Sometimes when creating a product, it is worth offering less than more. Audio glasses don’t use things like holograms or digital HUD. In return they are cheaper, lighter and can be worn like regular glasses. As a result, in many cases, for example during teleconferences or speeches, they perform their functions much better. This solution works. This is evidenced by the companies that are currently active in this market. These are not only technology giants, but also smaller companies that have been providing new models of the devices for some time now. It is hard to talk about a revolution, but with the spread of remote working and online meetings, audio solutions and smart glasses will be more and more common in offices – comments Wojciech Kyciak, from the online optical store „wOkularach.pl”.

To sum up – smart glasses are to be more comfortable and multifunctional
An alternative to wireless headphones and AR glasses. What is more, as a rule, you can in
They can be used with blue light protection, sun protection or corrective lenses.

Recipe for success?

With bluetooth connectivity, the glasses conveniently connect to your phone, let you listen to music or make calls. They don’t require you to pull out your phone to operate and, unlike headphones, they don’t cut you off from your surroundings, which can be a hassle in the office or at home.

Most models of audio glasses look very similar. And this is one of their advantages. Not too different from the usual glasses in thick frames. For example, users of the Vue Lite 2 note their great similarity to the Ray-Bans of the Wayfarer series. Another advantage of audio glasses is that their manufacturers are much more likely to work with glass manufacturers. In the case of Vue Glasses ordering glasses, we can choose the glasses of our dreams and their protective layers. They can be corrective, sunglasses, polarized or designed for computer work.

Finally, one of the most important questions comes to mind: how much does it cost? The hardware of the mentioned Vue Glasses can be purchased starting at $150. It is less than for many true wireless headphones. By comparison, Google Glass Enterprise Editon augmented reality glasses prices start at $999 – and these are some of the cheaper glasses of this type on the market.

Does this mean we’ll start seeing more audio glasses in the coming years? It’s hard to say, but the smart accessory market is growing all the time and smart glasses are still being developed. The key will be the premiere of Apple, after which users around the world may become interested in smart glasses, and not only those with the symbol of the bitten apple.

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